Project Definition




  • View metro maps for 180 cities around the world.
  • View maps for other kinds of transportation.
  • Zoom maps (including multitouch, double tap, volume controls).
  • Find the shortest route between stations.
  • Support multilanguage interface.
  • Update maps automatically.
  • Find the nearest station (currently for London, Brussels, Moscow and St. Petersburg only).




Set up

If you use beta-version, you need to delete it. After installation, you are offered to download the icons of the country flags. If you have Wi-Fi or unlimited mobile internet, download without hesitation. As a result, the maps will be transformed to a better view. If you cancel, you will always have an option to download them via program settings or downlaod them manually from our site. You should update the peviuosly installed maps, because they are not supported by new program version.

Import maps

Users who do not want to use online catalog can import files of the pMetro project. To do it, copy PMZ map files into /sdcard/ametro/import directory (you can download them from site) and import them. Please, pay attention that file names are case sensitive. 


To get the actual information about the maps, you should configure the autoupdate of the online catalog. You can enable the option to check the availability of new map versions. Thus, you can control what you want to update. Otherwise, you can configure that all changes after checking will be downloaded to your mobile phone.

Known bugs

  • Failed route details on the schemes other than the default scheme. 
  • Routes that contain several transport types sometimes are not displayed correctly.
  • Option to choose the station by clicking the screen and zooming using multitouch is not available yet.
  • There is no search by the minimum transfers to another line.
  • There are no route aletrnatives.