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PMZ map format

To create a new map you need have a detailed description of lines, branches, stations of your city, in format like this -  http://metro.nanika.net/MetroC-en.html 
Then you could create transport maps.  Most of work can be made by editing text files.

We will talk about map in PMZ format. This map format is a zip archive with at least 3 file inside:


All files inside PMZ map are simple text files with structure like windows INI files.


; This file contains general data about map:


internal city ID, text, must be unique for all cities:

; city name in english:

; city name in russian:

; country name in english

; leave current value here:

; next lines contains multiline map description
MapAuthors=Created 08/09/2007
MapAuthors=Here you can 
MapAuthors=type text which will be displayed in Description section of map details

; line delay timing names, this is optional field.

; This is a main map with transport scheme


; transport type in russian (available values: ):
;    Метро: Metro
;    Трамвай: Tram
;    Автобус: Bus
;    Электричка: Train
;    Речной Трамвай: Ferry
;    Троллейбус: Trolleybus
;    Фуникулер: Funicular

;Every transport line must be described in distinct section like [LineXXX] where XXX - line number

; unique line name

; optional, line name alias, visible for user

; internal station names (must be unique!) on line direction.
; by default station connected with previous and next stations with both directional stages.
; if you need change stages for single station need to write like this:
; Station1(NextStation1, PreviousStaion1, NextStation2, PreviousStaion2,...).
; names with commas need close in quotes
Stations=Station1, Station2, ..... 

; optional, change displayed station names with aliases

travel times between stations, like station names.
; if you change statation stages - you need write delays in some manner.
; format: X[.YY], X - minutes, YY - seconds.
; use empty or zero for under construction stages.
; under construction stations is a stations with only under construction stages.

; delays for corresponding DelayNames in .cty file, it's average time to wait train on station at particular time of day

; this is a list of transfers between stations.
; format: UniqueName=Line1,Station1, Line2, Station2, time12 [, time21] [,invisible] 
; Example: Komsomolskaya_to_ParkKultury=Sololnicheskaya,Komsomolskaya, Koltcevaya,ParkKultury, 5 
; time12 - time to walk from station1 to station2
; time21 - time to walk from station2 to station1, equal to time12 if not described
; invisible - do not display on map

Metro.map - this is map view, with colors, station positions, etc. It can be created in editor.