I can't install application.

If you install application from Android Market - remove any previous installed version.

If you install applications not from Android Market, you need to enable "Unknown Sources" in system Settings -> Applications.

I can't see the maps.

At first you need to disconnect your smartphone from computer, because while it's connected and memory card mounted as disk  applications can't use memory card.

If you create folders /sdcard/ametro/maps or /sdcard/ametro/import by yourself please check that you don't use a capital letters. Some Android devices a case-sensitive.

Check that /sdcard/ametro/maps contains only *.ametro files, and /sdcard/ametro/import contains only *.pmz

Try to use Refresh menu option in catalog screen.

Force close at application loading.

Try to remove map file from /sdcard/ametro/maps and then reimport or download it, and please contact us. We'll do our best to fix this error.

aMetro process restarts after every change of mobile network mode or WiFi.

Update application to new version and reopen aMetro.

Menu "Where am I?" doesn't work in map screen.

At this moment we have station coordinates only for 3 cities - London, Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia. If you could collect appropriate data (latitude and longtutude of all stations in city - see example here) and send it to us - we will add this information to your city map. Your help will be highly appreciated!

Slow map scrolling and zooming.

Disable anti-aliasing option in application settings.